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There are almost around 645,082 websites built on the Laravel framework rather than other PHP frameworks.

As you might be aware, PHP is the most widely used programming language that is used for backend server-side development, but choosing the best framework of PHP for web application development for the business is the most difficult task as there are so many options available. Here in this blog, you’ll know why the Laravel framework is the best framework of PHP for web app development.

Laravel framework is one of the best open-source frameworks of PHP. Its architectural patterns are especially based on Symfony. It performs far better than other PHP frameworks because of its advanced features like Command Line Interface called Artisan, Support for the Database system, and migrations. Its advanced development tools facilitate rapid web application development. 

Laravel Framework is known to work on the MVC architecture, which represents Model View Controller. It is exceptionally easy when the developers use it and offers a base to design productively functioning small to huge business applications.

When there are big projects with more than five files, web artisans can organize them effectively which gives a great deal of practicality for the project. As the developers work on a big project, the code can in any case go haywire and lose its structure.

Laravel’s first stable version was released in June 2011 and the latest Laravel version is version 8, which was released on September 8, 2020, with new features like Laravel Jetstream, model factory classes, & migration squashing, etc.

Laravel is the most popular framework of PHP used for business applications, According to Google Trends, Laravel secured the highest score in recent years compared to other PHP frameworks.

Laravel framework

Why Laravel is the best framework for PHP?

As we know PHP is the best choice for web development, we have built n number of websites on the PHP Laravel framework for our client and they found it super amazing, here we point out some of the interesting features of the Laravel framework here, which will explain why it is gaining so much popularity and has become the best framework of PHP.

Laravel framework-best framework of PHP

1. The Model-View-Controller architectural pattern support

The first and quite possibly the most basic advantage that makes the Laravel more popular among all other PHP frameworks is that it follows the best development practices. The use of the Model-View-Controller-based programming configuration design is a decent a valid example.

The model-view-controller (MVC) architectural design, in any case, guarantees clarity between logic(Model) and presentation (View) through the perspective of the Controller, which brings results in overall proper functioning and performance improvement, better documentation coherence, and then some.

There are a number of outstanding built-in functions includes in the model-view-controller pattern like- complete authentication system, Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping), streamlined database migration, and pagination. Subsequently, for instance, MVC permits rapidly discovering documents in their logical directories even when you work on a large software project or easily interacting with databases with the help of Eloquent ORM. With MVC, a PHP developer can oversee how a specific web application introduces itself in reality and afterward further develop it in like manner.

2. Authentication and Authorization

This feature allows site owners to quickly include and enable authentication and approval and altogether streamline the utilization of validation. Architects would now have the option to give striking solutions to their help.

3. Packaging System

A packaging system helps the web application to automate the procedure through there multiple support software or libraries. Laravel framework uses a composer as a dependency manager, which manages all the information needed to manage packages. Packages are an incredible method to speed up development is to provide the functionality we need out of the box. Image, Laravel Debug bar, and Laravel IDE assistant are the absolute best Laravel packages.

4. Multiple File System

Laravel likewise has implicit help for the Cloud storage system, for example, Amazon S3 and Rack space Cloud Storage and obviously for local storage. It's incredibly easy to switch between these storage alternatives as the API stays as before for every system. One can utilize each of the three systems in one application to serve files from multiple locations like in a distributed environment.

5. Artisan Console

One of the most beneficial features of the Laravel framework is its capability to automate the task. Laravel comes up with a command-line interface Artisan that enables you to use task automation commands. Developers can create their artisan commands, which may be task-specific or customized.
The Artisan comes up with higher flexibility which provides several commands that you can use for regular tasks. They cover tasks such as database migration, the creation of a database seeder, model creation, and the creation of a controller.

6. Eloquent ORM

Laravel accompanies Models that empower the developers to improve the performance of the application being developed. These models can be customized utilizing Eloquent ORM. Laravel is the only PHP framework that offers features like customization with Eloquent ORM.

ORM stands for Object Relational Mapper. It is intelligible in that it offers to keep up with easy interaction with the application database objects through eloquent syntax. It is one of the most outstanding ORM apparatuses for web designers. The purpose of this is that developers can utilize a simple PHP language structure to direct data set questions.

7. Blade Templating engine

The Blade is templating engine that is instinctive and permits you to work with HTML and PHP spaghetti. It comes pre-installed in the Laravel web framework and enables the user to foster amazing formats for their undertaking tasks rapidly. It is lightweight subsequently doesn't have inordinate platform requirements.

Blade aids support the handling of data by associating with the data model, source code processing, and yield the board contingent upon a given text record. This pre-installed templating engine considers the showcase of data layout upgrades. The integration of the content seeding component will empower you to make designs that are stunning inventively.

8. Task Scheduling

Task Scheduler, is an addition to the Artisan command-line utility that allows programmatic scheduling of periodically accomplished tasks. It was introduced in Laravel 5.0,  Internally, the scheduler depends on the cron daemon to run a single Artisan job that, in turn, accomplishes the configured tasks.

9. Events and Broadcasting

Event and broadcasting is an internal concept of the Laravel framework which is helpful in the implementation of real-time data, showing live feeds, etc for modern web application development. Broadcasting allows you to share the same event name between your server-side and client-side, so you will be able to pull real-time data from the application.

10. Testing

The development of functional applications is majorly due to proper testing techniques and methodologies that the developers use. PHP Unit out-of-the-box permits developers to compose and direct unit testing on the applications to ensure they are viable.

The automation application testing system allows you to solve errors on your web application and all kind of your projects.

The automation testing process involves possibility examination for the test automation, choosing proper tools, assessing proper structures, constructing a proof of idea, lastly fostering the test scripts and executing them. The tests directed on the application consider the recognition of relapse and their anticipation. The tests incorporate unit testing and order line utility testing, among others. 

How big is the Laravel framework community?

Laravel Framework has a superb network and community. Expert developers with extensive experience add to the conversations and offer their chance to help others in the IRC channel.

Laravel community and network are incredible places to get to know about the Laravel framework and extraordinary places in case that you get stuck.

A critical part of being a software professional is introducing yourself as extraordinary responses for whatever number of issues as could sensibly be anticipated. The principal way this can be refined appropriately is by joining an organization. By regularly inspecting the conversations and checking out an IRC channel, you are presented with numerous new thoughts that you can think about separately.


Selecting the best framework of PHP for your web development is one of the most crucial aspects in the initial phases of project development, and now after reading this blog we hope you better understand why the Laravel framework is best for your web application development project, these out-of-the-box features of Laravel framework are most suitable for a wide range of web application development - going from little to big business level. It additionally gives bunches of underlying functionalities that allow developers to work effortlessly.

To understand more about the execution of the project on the Laravel framework, you can get in touch with a high-end software development company in the USA, surely providing knowledge about PHP programming and its extensions.

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